Affiliate Program

It is very much in our interest to network and share everything we do. So we very much appreciate any sort of partnership we may form with you.

We have three distinct segments within our affiliate program:

1. Sharing of plant materials (seeds, cuttings, scion, rootstock, root/stem/leaf, pollen, potted and/or bare root pants).

2. (A) Sharing of project reports (varietal developments; drought/flood/wind/heat/cold and soil tolerance (B) Statistical analysis (rate of growth, life-span, yield relative to growing conditions… Etc.. (C) Ecological restoration through broadcasting tree seeds, and watershed management.

3. Project collaborations: We are open to varying degrees of partnerships over mutual projects. Contact us with an in depth inquiry as to specifically how, you’d like to organize a cooperation.

Please send us an email or fill out the short form below to apply to be a formal affiliate.